My Pure-Wave CM7 Massager Doesn't Work

Make sure the massager is charged:

  • When you first receive your Pure-Wave CM5 you must charge it for at least 1 hour before use. We ship the massagers with the internal lithium-ion battery at a discharged state. Meaning it's not charge.

If too much load is placed on massager you may need to reset Pure-Wave

  • Reset the massager by turning power off . Plug the CHARGER into an outlet, then plug the recharger into the product. Wait about three seconds then unplug both sides of CHARGER and then turn product on and start massaging. 

The Lithium-ion battery life may have reached its cycle limit.

  • If your massager is still under Warranty contact us by submitting an online form request or by phone.

If your massager still does not work, check to make sure the charging cord is plugged in correctly and that there are no loose connections.

If it was charged correctly and it still doesn't work and is under warranty contact our support for a replacement. While we do have quality control measures in place, these are subject to human and machine error and occasionally defects occur

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    Ned g

    My pure wave turns on then after a few seconds it turns off and the light goes from green to blinking red.

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