Pure-Wave Massage Sticks (tips / attachments) fall off?

Make sure you are using the massage sticks correctly. CM7 includes six massage tips. 

The 3 threaded tips screw on to the percussion side and should be hand tight to keep from coming loose during use. The other 2 attachments (scalp and massage oil sticks) are silicone rubber and do not have threads. Instead, these can slip over the threads on the percussion side.

The scalp tip and the massage oil tip have slightly bigger holes and were designed only for sliding snugly over the threads of the percussion side. If you use these on the vibration side, they will tend to fall off as the holes are slighly larger than the facial stick. You could try using the scalp tip on the vibration side but this is not the original intent.

The small facial stick was designed to slide over the tip at the end of the handle on Pure-Wave CM7. Slide on tightly for a snug fit.




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