Do I Need To Buy Batteries For Pure-Wave?

The Pure-Wave Cordless Massager includes a long-lasting, rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery pack. 

It comes with a charging cord that is plugged into an outlet and the massager like a cell phone.

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    Liz Clark

    I understand about battery being long lasting,what I need to know is how LONG after a year
    of daily useage for about 30 minutes as my husband needs on his BAD back will it last since it 
    is sealed and can't be taken out and charged other than with the charger,is it still able to charge
    or is there a chance of it DYING and NOT being able to charge at all???? Or do I just THROW IT
    OUT because it won't charge? I do not want to spend good money on something where down the
    road in a year maybe less the battery completely goes DEAD and can't be charged!!!!! I am my 
    disabled 67 year old husband's caregiver and I need to find things that help not just him but me
    helping him with his severe pain he suffers in his damaged back as well as body.

    Thank you for your help in this matter!!!
    Mrs. Elizabeth  Clark

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